Christmas in Heaven

Humor me while I dream a bit…Kristina All is Well

I’d like to think that heaven celebrates Christmas as we do… albeit, on a much larger scale! I imagine preparations being made, a holy hustle and bustle as angels and people carryout the grand ideas to honor Jesus’ birth.

And in the middle of all that good busyness is our daughter, Kristina.

When here on earth, she could be found helping her Mom in the kitchen, preparing the food and drinks. She was always into the decoration of the Christmas tree and lights and wreaths.

So it helps to imagine our little helper clapping her hands in excitement and anticipation of a giant and marvelous celebration coming up. I can see her setting up sparkling decor among the trees. Well, I can also see her bossing a few angelic beings around, too!

I know it may not be like that in heaven. But maybe. I do know that heaven is real. Kristina is not just a mysterious puff of mist hovering around with no conscious or awareness.

She is real. More real than we are here.

More alive than we could be here.

There’s a verse in Philippians that my heart wraps around more today than ever before…

“For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” I look forward to being there! I know I will, because as Kristina did, I believe in Jesus.

I hope you do, too.

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