Chick-fil-a. Boycotting. And Evangelism.

People who know me best know that I’m not a debater. There aren’t many things I’ll go to the wall over.

Don’t like Chick-fil-a anymore? OK.

Churches are full of hypocrites? Good call. I’ve been one of them. (Capable of being one still.)

Don’t believe in Jesus? Can I still be your friend?

I’ve got a lot to learn. A looooong way to go when it comes to being a constant follower of Jesus.

I feel inferior to teach others on certain topics. Sometimes I’m afraid I’ll put my foot in my mouth.

I do stand on certain truths: inerrancy of Scripture, one true God, Trinity, faith alone in Christ alone, etc.

Do I Support Chick-fil-a?

That question isn’t important to me. For the record, CFA rocks. So does Raisin’ Cane, Taco Bell, and Wal-Mart. (Yes, I shop for clothes there.)

The question that sticks in my head is What should I do?

Some CEO of some major corporation made a comment about his belief concerning a seriously controversial subject. And there are lots of subtopics inside this main issue: biblical points, tolerance/intolerance, bigotry, homophobes, hatred, and the I’ve-got-friends-who-are-gay folks.

(BTW, I’ve got friends who are gay.)

I tend to avoid heavy controversy. Perhaps it’s my personality. Perhaps it’s because I take things personally at times. Who knows.

I do know that too many divisions are made, friends are lost, and tempers flare when these “discussions” occur. I like friends. And I have a temper problem. So I hate to argue.

So What Do I Do?

I don’t think I have all the answers. Far be it from me to come across that I do.

I know what the Bible says about the homosexual lifestyle. It’s sin. I must hold to that truth.

I sin. That’s truth.

I have Jesus. That’s truth.

I still need Jesus. That’s truth.

Everyone needs Jesus. That’s truth.

So I tend to avoid the ballgame of supporting, boycotting, or things that could push those in need of Jesus away from Him.

I feel uncomfortable letting the world know what I stand against.

And there are things I stand against. Sin is one of them. But how can I stand against myself?

What do I stand for?

Grace. Well…I try to.

I can’t get these pictures out of my mind:

  • King Jesus bleeding on a slab of wood.
  • King Jesus silent before His accusers.
  • King Jesus forgiving the Roman soldiers.
  • King Jesus evangelizing while being crucified.

I don’t like being called a bigot. Hater. Homophobe.

But I can’t do a thing about it. Except loving those who name-call.

Loving those who hate.

Loving those who are hated.

Does it make me weak? Nah. I’m already weak.

I don’t have the strength or power or fortitude to change the minds of those who misunderstand me.

Probably because God hasn’t given me the power to change them.

I know He has given me the power to love them. To forgive them.

So I guess that’s why I don’t boycott or show support or express who/what I stand against.

The world already knows those things.

They don’t know Him.

For me…I can’t boycott and evangelize at the same time. I don’t know how.

There are lots of arguments on the social sites.

Maybe, just maybe, grace could win the world. It certainly defeated sin and death.

My new motto for life?

(At least for these days.) Follow Jesus. Love People. Eat Chicken.

Maybe someone ought to make a t-shirt with that. I’d buy it.

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  • Amy Lin LaMar
    01 Aug 2012

    Chad very well written…I agree wholeheartedly. I’m going to repost on my wall.

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