Check Here to See If You’re Missing Out on an Incredible Gift from God.

Usually the things that require hard work and lots of time produce the loads of rewards and great benefits we cherish. But what if we, Christians, failed to realize something so incredible and powerful that God gave us, therefore missing out on the rewards and benefits we’re supposed to have?

So I wrote a book about this, mainly for guys. But good for wives, too.

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Sometimes the things of God are so beautiful and out-of-this-world, they can be a bit misunderstood. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that I have gathered enough intelligence to understand the mysteries of God! Certainly not! Just ask my wife. 🙂

I did put quite a lot of thought and research into this glorious thing called fellowship.

Tomorrow, I will post our very first podcast called Living Above the Common with Mike and Chad. In this pilot show, Mike and I discuss this extraordinary thing called authentic fellowship, or biblical fellowship.

While this podcast is for everyone, I wanted to let you know about this book which is mainly for guys.

I say “mainly” because it’s also good for wives to read.

Here’s the dealio…

Most men try to live like Samson from the Bible. Or John Rambo. Or Arnold Swartz….ifritz…e-i-e-i-o (how do you spell his name?). There’s others…

John Wayne and Clint Eastwood come to mind. These guys worked alone. They were as tough as nails. But as weak as wet toilet paper when it came to real life.

Christian men live real life alone. We all walk the same journey, but in our own, individual lanes. We all struggle with the same potholes, bumps, and what-not, but we usually try to fend for ourselves.

Then when a Christian man in a church really falls, he is often swept under the rug. (That means he usually leaves the church. Never to be seen or heard from again.)

But what if we begin to share the lanes on the journey?

What if we bring up the obvious about us and deal with it together?

So in Journey to Freedom, I take a hard look at what Scripture says real fellowship is and seek to apply it to our lives.

Most men really want this kind of camaraderie, but they don’t have it.

Most wives wish their husbands had this kind of friendships.

Now they can learn how to have it.

Read the book.

Journey to Freedom: The Pursuit of Authentic Fellowship among Men. 

It’s available in all ebook formats, as well as hard and soft cover.

I hope you like it. Let me know what you think. I’m on this journey to.


Tomorrow’s post: What is Real Fellowship?


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