CAUTION: These Statistics Will Scare You (I hope.)

“Studies have found an increasing reluctance among believers to explain their faith to other people—just 29% strongly endorsed a view of sharing their faith.”
-The Barna Group, (cited @

Does that quote above alarm you?

Does it convict you? It sure does me.

Here’s another startling stat: “It is estimated that 95% of Christians are never blessed with leading someone to Christ.” – sourced from a variety of studies and books

But We Can Change That!

Wouldn’t you love to learn how to effectively share the gospel with people, family, friends? My passion is to inspire, train, and mobilize believers in Jesus to evangelize effectively.

That’s why I’m starting something BRAND NEW!

IE Conference

Inspiring Evangelism. That’s the name of this blog. And now it’s the name of a new conference I’d like to do in your church.

The IE Conference is much more than an academic or lecture-style event. There are 3 key ingredients that make this conference different: real inspiration, practical how-to’s, and mobilization.

If you would like to learn how to share your faith with someone…

If you would like for your church to become passionate about real evangelism…

If you would like for your children and youth to learn how to share the gospel with their friends at school…

And if you would like specific opportunities to put feet to your faith…

…then this conference is for you.

To find out more about the IE Conference, please click here!


This week on…  The true story of how God is using a champion Mixed Martial Arts fighter to bring the love of Jesus to poverty-stricken children and their families in South America. You won’t want to miss: The Ultimate Fighter! (Main character is in white shorts.)






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