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Living Above the Common 1-Minute Audio: Impossible Love

Greetings! I realize time is tight.  So I’m making these fun, quick 1-minute messages just for you! They’re called Living Above the Common! Let Michael Tait, lead singer of Newsboys and formerly of DC Talk, lead you in! (Let me know what you think!)

Living Above the Common with Mike and Chad, Episode 1

Do you wanna live above the common, ordinary way of life? SO DE WE! You can listen to this podcast at the bottom of this post! Living Above the Common with Mike and Chad (LAtC) is here! It’s our pilot episode, and we think you’ll find the topic quite interesting and...

Podcast Commercial

Inspiring Evangelism is proud to introduce to you a BRAND NEW podcast called…. ……drum roll, please……… LIVING ABOVE THE COMMON with Mike and Chad! Episode #1 will be available May 1, 2012. That’s MAY 1ST!!! So mark your calendars now. Complete with motivational messages from Scripture, interviews with cool...