Can You Find Your RADIUS? (The RADIUS Initiative Applied, Part 7)

(This is part 7 of a series of posts that draw applications from my novella, The RADIUS Initiative. It’s a Jack Bauer-style, action-packed book! You can purchase the book here for only $7.99.)

The Head of the Church spent His time on earth seeking out people in order to lovingly meet all their needs. Almost all His sermons were preached in places other than the temple (on the sides of hills, from boats, from mountain tops, etc.). He was in the villages and cities meeting people, healing their diseases and forgiving their sins. He sacrificed His right to be served in order to serve sacrificially (Matt. 20:28).

There’s quite a commonality between the people inside today’s worship facility and the people who need to be reached: we’re all people. That’s right—the church is not a building, but a people. So why do we tend to limit the measure of success by inviting people to a building? Instead of asking, “What will it take to pack out our building on Sunday morning,” this movement (The RADIUS Initiative) challenges each church to ask, “What will it take to get our people out to spread the gospel to the lost around us.”

What would it take for a Christian to realize his or her surroundings? What will it take for you to look out the window and see who is in your circle? What will it take to build relationships with employees of your bank or your local grocery store? What will it take to get to know the owner of your favorite restaurant? What will it take to show Christ’s sacrificial love to the homeless in your city? What will it take to reach children in that apartment complex down the road from where you worship?

What will it take to send off a group of Christians to use their gifts and talents to meet the needs of people in a third world country? What would it take to reach your own neighbors for Christ next door to your home? What will it take to plant a church in a town that is desperate for authentic Christianity?

What will it take for your church to form teams to minister directly to pregnant teens, drug addicts, and drop outs? What will it take to reach out to those kids who are being recruited by gang members? What will it take to form a bond between the believers of your church and the victims of sex trafficking in your town?

What will it take? How much money? How much time? How would you adjust your priority list and schedule? How would your church adjust its budget?

Question: Would you be interested in joining a movement that creates a radius from your church to where the lost are?


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