Journey to Freedom: The Pursuit of Authentic Fellowship among Men

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This book tackles issues with which most men struggle. While there are many books on topics, such as lust and pornography, Journey to Freedom illuminates the beauty of authentic fellowship among men as described from Scripture.

Chad Barrett talks straight. An unapologetic veteran of every man’s battle, Chad has written a life-guide every Christian guy should read. “Journey to Freedom” is like a tank of pure oxygen delivered to men who’ve been buried alive. – Nate Larkin, founder of Samson Society



The RADIUS Initiative (a novel)

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Action. Adventure. Suspense. Leaving behind their homeland, a small group of innocent Peruvian orphans trek to America in hope to be adopted by a loving family. They long for security and safety. But little do they know something sinister awaits them. Someone has been watching.

Through a massively chaotic disaster, the evil strikes. The children are gone.

When ex-FBI Special Agent Max McClain discovers that these orphans have been kidnapped, he risks it all to save the children’s lives. One major hurdle after another–it seems someone or something is trying to stop him. But his endurance and perseverance seem unstoppable.

Twists and turns permeate this inspiring adventure. With deadly hurricanes, FBI chases, hand-to-hand combat, flying bullets, and explosions, this high energy, action-packed novel will keep you turning the pages.

But I must warn you. The moment you finish and close this book, there’s a strong chance you will have just begun an adventure of your own. Some stories do come true…in their own way. Are you ready for The RADIUS Initiative?



When She Sings, God Dances

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Imagine finding out that someone you love dearly–a parent, spouse, or child–has a rare deadly disease. Imagine the feeling after hearing the doctors say that there is no set treatment.    Now imagine the God of the universe calling for your attention. As you look in His direction, He smiles and says, “I’ve got this.”    Read about our journey with our daughter, Kristina, battling cancer, but understand that it isn’t finished. This journey continues, and we invite you to walk it with us. As you do, we pray that you will see the most impressive grace of our great God.    “This book is a raw and honest reflection of their story over the past two years and a witness to the grace and goodness of our Heavenly Father.” – Mike Nawrocki, co-creator of VeggieTales and voice of Larry the Cucumber


How to Have Incredible Fellowship in Your Church

How to Have Incredible Fellowship in Your Church

Biblical fellowship is authentic. And it’s hard to accomplish. But it’s incredibly rewarding, and it’s also a commandment of our Lord! The result is full joy, and here’s how you can experience it in your church.

This brief ebook traces 1 John to bring you highlights of the incredible gift called fellowship. Your church can experience more of it.

Order your ebook now, and you can start reading it immediately! CLICK HERE

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