Back at Texas Children’s Hospital–But For Another Reason

So yesterday was an incredible day for me.Me at TCH

I went to a place that I was afraid of seeing again.
I wondered how I would handle it emotionally, because we had been to Texas Children’s Hospital so many times during those 4 years with Kristina.

I wondered if I would see her on that 14th floor: doing a craft, playing a game with a volunteer, watching a movie, or reading a book.
But instead, I saw many children–some with no hair, some with wires connected to their bodies–and I got to give them gifts and make them smile.

And I saw many parents with that look on their faces. That look that says, “I am frightened, but I have to smile for my little one.” There was so much I wanted to tell them.

And then I saw Kristina…
She said, “That toy, Daddy! Give her that toy!”
I saw Kristina cheering me on yesterday at that wonderful place I never wanted to see again.

And I had friends with me–good friends who knew why I was there.
And I had many friends praying for me. Friends like you.
And I had Jesus.

Yesterday was a big day for me. We overcame something. Thank you.

And I wanna do it again…

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