A Mother and Her Child

A mom watches her child suffer—impending death lurks around the corner. Her child struggles to breathe. A friend stands nearby, giving support. Hanna with her mother

Memories blast through her mind—birth, first tooth, first step. Dreams of seeing her child succeed in life are broken against the stone of this moment.

And it comes. The breath that no one wanted. The last and final.

His head hung down.

Blood and tears began to dry in place.

His mom fell to her knees and cried out loud, but her cry was silent. She had spent it all over these last several hours of torture. She had nothing left.

His closest friends struggle to remember, and so they reenact a special final hour with their friend—that final supper.

In that moment of communion, they recall those last few hours. The last voice. The last song.

The last cry out to the Father.

The final breath.

But they don’t commune without hope.

They remember…

With power inside ready to be released like a thousand wild horses, they remember.

And in their remembrance, they changed the world…

…not because of who they were,

but because He rose from the dead.

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