4 Ways to Inspire Your Children to Evangelize

I love to hear my kids tell me they just shared the gospel with one of their friends at school! It makes feel like I’m actually doing something right (which doesn’t always happen with me). So I thought I’d share a few ideas with you that could help you inspire your children tell the truth about Jesus to others.

Whether you have elementary-age kids or teens, the following ideas are helping me and many others. I pray they will help you, too!

1. Be a model. Well, I don’t mean a model for J. C. Penny. I’m talking about modeling evangelism for your kiddos. If you want your children to share the gospel with others then you must be sharing the gospel with others. Let them see you in action. Be the role model of evangelism for your sons and daughters. If you want your son or daughter to evangelize, you need to model it for them.

2. Pray for them. Prayer is, indeed, our most valuable tool. It is also easy to think lightly of, but prayer is what fuels the fire. Pray, specifically, that God will give courage to your kids to share the gospel with their friends. Pray for opportunities for them. Pray for their success. And pray with them!

Help them make a list of their friends who may not be Christians and pray with your children for them. Prayer is powerful because the God to Whom we pray is powerful. And He wants your kids to tell others about His Son.

3. Share stories. Talk to your children about the times you’ve shared the gospel with others. Be authentic with your kiddos. Tell them about your fears and failures with evangelism. Let them know that fear is normal, but that it can be overcome. Encourage them that evangelism is an act of obedience to God, and that God is pleased and glorified when we obey Him.

Listen as they share their stories with you. Ask them questions about their sharing the gospel with others. Here are a few questions you could ask:

  • Did you get to tell someone about Jesus this week? How did it go?
  • How did your friend respond? How did you feel about that?
  • Were you nervous?
  • What did you say? What did they say?
Be sure to help your children know how proud you are of them for sharing the gospel, whether they stumbled through it or not! Remember, continual inspiration comes from consistent encouragement.

4. Train them. Teach your children a simple method of sharing the gospel with others. Here are 2 successful resources in which I’m personally involved: Child Evangelism Fellowship and EvanTell. I posted about EvanTell in last Monday’s Ministry Spotlight. Both of these resources are purposed to equip believers to share the gospel. And both of these links will take you directly to a method or a training opportunity.

Another great resource for training teens to evangelize is Dare to Share. Greg Stier has many successful years of “energizing a generation to evangelize their world.” Give these 3 organizations a call to find out what other materials they have that will certainly equip you and your family to evangelize. Below are their numbers.

  • (for children) Child Evangelism Fellowship – (800) 748.7710
  • (for children through adults) EvanTell – (800) 947.7359
  • (for teens) Dare to Share – (800) 462.8355

Be the role model, pray with and for them, talk with them, and train them. This is how the gospel spreads generation after generation.

Question: How have you helped your children learn to share the gospel with others? Or, tell us how your parents helped you. Place your comments below!


Wanna reach 1,000s of children with the gospel? Contact Child Evangelism Fellowship to find a chapter nearest you. Get involved!

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