2 Ways to Learn How to Share Your Faith Clearly and Effectively

Many Christians don’t share the gospel. It’s not because they don’t want to, but because of two simple reasons: fear and lack of know how. Perhaps you’re one of them. You’ve dreamed about sharing the gospel with someone you know, but something is holding you back.

Wanna learn how to overcome fear and learn how to share it clearly and effectively? I know what would make you happy…

One way to learn this is with live training:

LIVE TRAINING: I’ve taught the You Can Tell It! Evangelism Training Seminar to hundreds of people since I was trained in 2009 by EvanTell, Inc. I, honestly, get my thrills from doing this, because I’ve seen hundreds of believers become passionate about telling the truth of Jesus to others. Many of them share their faith for the very first time right after the seminar!

I’ve done this as a weekend retreat, a one-day seminar, and over a multiple-week course (my Inspiring Evangelism Course). There is a seminar geared for youth, too. There are 8 sessions I cover that I think you’d really be interested in:

  • What Do We Tell the Non-Christian?
  • How to Present the Gospel
  • How to Enhance Your Effectiveness in Evangelism
  • Turning a Conversation to Spiritual Things
  • How Do You Help a New Christian?
  • Reaching Those Who Can Be Hard to Reach (i.e. cultists, relatives, and children)
  • How to Make Evangelism a Habit Instead of a Headache
  • The First Course Christ Ever Taught in Evangelism

Can you imagine everyone in your church inspired and well-equipped to share the gospel with people in their community and beyond? To get more info on this live evangelism training, please click here! I’m ready to deliver.

Another way to learn to share your faith is with a free online, interactive training site:

WWW.ACT111.ORG: This interactive, online evangelism training takes only 1 hour. It’s divided into four 20-minute sessions, so you can finish one session and come back to do another one later.

This training highlights the 4 basics of evangelism training:

  • What is Your Role in Evangelism?
  • What is the Gospel?
  • A Clear & Simple Presentation
  • Overcoming Fear

Your whole church can go through this. You can even sign up your church with someone (you, or your pastor, missions pastor, etc.) as the administrator who can see how many have completed the training.

And it’s just like your salvation–absolutely free!

The folks at EvanTell are great friends of mine, and I get no compensation from blogging about this. They are dedicated to equipping believers all over the world to share the clear and simple gospel to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Check out their website: www.EvanTell.org. They have a large variety of resources!

If you are interested in obtaining more info on the live training, contact me here. I’ll respond ASAP. And let me know how the online training goes for you! I love hearing success stories!

(2) Comments

  • Andy Coticchio (@Ancoti)
    02 Feb 2012


    We love your heart hear at EvanTell and thank you for sharing this information. We encourage your followers to check out our website and give us a call.

    Keep on blogging brother!

    • J. Chad Barrett, I.E.
      02 Feb 2012

      Thanks Andy! Love you guys! Just sent a great church here in Houston your way. A youth pastor who wants to train his youth in evangelism.

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