Shameless selfie Hey, you clicked my About page! You must wanna know more about who I am and what I'm doing here. Cool! I get to be the Lead Pastor at Element City Church in Houston, TX. I'm a family man, love Jesus, love people, and love adventure. I've written a few books--feel free to click on over there and check them out. I love to speak at public venues about our story of tragedy, loss, pain, and hope, peace, and how to live a thriving life. Our story is about our daughter, Kristina, who battled cancer for 4 years and passed away June 21, 2014. I'm also a motivational speaker. Hobbies? Everything outside: climbing, camping, extreme adventure like skydiving and mountain climbing.
Inspired by Kristina

Kristina Barrett, resident of Heaven

Whatever I'm doing, it's gotta be fun. But what I really love is being with my family: Melissa (my gorgeous wife), Jonathan, Caroline, and Katherine. And we have a crazy cat named Zack. There's never a dull moment at the Barrett house! To read more about what I've done with my life, check out my LinkedIn Page. Follow me on Facebook.



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